Sandy Bensemann

Hi! I am Sandy Bensemann and I work as a Spiritual Medium, Psychometrist and Clairvoyant.

I was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand where I am still residing.

Looking back I have had a knowing and connection with the Spirit World from a very young age.  

But it took until I was in my mid 20’s to open up to the visions and dreams that would become reality.  

Joining with a Development Circle within a local Spiritual Church, gave me a great opportunity for training and working between the two worlds.  

 Eventually working on the platform of four Spiritual Churches within the Christchurch area.

Venturing over to the Arthur Findlay College in the UK for extra tuition in 2014 and 2016 with world renowned tutors, gave me a deeper understanding.  It was a privilege to work with and alongside world renowned tutors at the college. Working alongside other like minded mediums from around the world was inspiring and motivating.

In a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere I will be honest and respectful whilst lifting the veil between the two worlds to bring through the proof of your love ones.

Enjoy the fun, tears and laughter as we work together providing you with an experience to remember.