Robert Acutt | Bio Medicine

Hi i'm Robert, my passion to help clients live dis-ease free, recover from cancer and other significant illnesses naturally, holistically and to work with children who's immunity is weak and have toxic bodies from being exposed to environmental toxins. 

My passion for holistic health and bio energy medicine started at aged 14 when working in my parents 2 health food shops in London. I would immerse myself in understanding about health and spending many hours with the different holistic practitioners they had working in their clinical rooms.

Born in the UK, I moved to NZ in 2003 and since then I've been studying different holistic and energy healing and energy medicine techniques. These have included, Touch for health, Kinesiology, Reiki, Auric magnetic healing, Family Constellations and Bio-Energetic Medicine where I am currently studying to become a Dr in Energy Medicine. 

I have 3 children which has enabled me to prove that children can grow up naturally, healthy and without knowing their doctors name because conventional medicine has only been sort for acute injury or illness. I believe in natural immunity and a "wholisitic" approach to wellbeing through food being the "Farm-acy" and balancing the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Emotional balance and nutrition is a key and central part of my approach to whole-being health because without the right vitamins and minerals "fuel" for the body, the body mind, heart and spirit cannot function properly. I work alongside nutritionists and other holistic practitioners to support you to live the life you wish to experience.

I specialize with the Electro acupuncture technology (EAV technology). The painless screening procedure investigates for the “energetic signature” of certain viruses, mold, bacteria and fungi which can be identified and then “attenuate” or energetically single them out.

After investigating what is blocking the healing that your body wants, I will either screen the remedies (vitamin, mineral, homeopathic, pharmaceutical or neutraceutical) which you may be already taking, or screen the array of practitioner remedies, to identify the ones that balance out those stress points of concern to bring your body back into its natural homeostasis state. 

Experienced Energy Medicine Practitioner, Pranic Healer / Aura Healer / Reiki 3a Practitioner /  kinesiology & Muscle tester /  Family Constellation Practitioner / Intuitive Medium