Elizabeth Carter | Energy Alchemist

Hello! I am Elizabeth Carter. My prime focus is to offer guidance and healing to help you find peace, balance and strength in your life; through various physical and energetic modalities. I want you to feel as though you can approach any situation that's thrown your way - with fearlessness and spirit!

I was born in the South of England and immigrated to NZ in 2004. I adored the openness and genuine nature of the New Zealand people and the feel of my chosen home.

I have been working as a holistic practitioner since 2015. Initially I studied Massage Therapy but the more I worked with my clients - I realised that they were not just coming for physical treatment. They arrived to discuss mental health, emotional situations and were looking to make greater shifts in their lives.

I began studying different holistic and energy healing techniques. I found my forte with Reiki. Achieving Reiki Mastery in 2019. Since working in this industry I have branched my services out to include a range Massages, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vibrational Sound Healing, Guided Meditations, Tarot Readings, Land and Home Blessing and Art Therapies.

I know that the traumatic experiences I have personally faced and worked through in life are the fuel to be able to aid others in the midst of their own battles. The lessons I had to learn - now help me - to help you. 

My aim is to connect with those in Canterbury and raise the vibrational energy of the people, the animals and the land here. To raise spiritual consciousness and to offer an alternative method to those struggling in their current circumstances. 

Experienced Massage Therapist / Chakra Balancer / Reiki Master/  Emotional and Trauma Guide /  Tarot Reader/ Intuitive Medium / - Working with Adults, Children and Animals.