Dylan Cameron | The Maori Mystic

Hello, my name is Dylan Cameron (The Maori Mystic) and I have a deep passion for understanding the nature of reality, and the mechanics of the universe.

My goal as a transformation specialist is to ultimately help my students/ clients reach their full potential by helping them to understand their true vibrational nature and abilities.

After going through an "Awakening", and ascending into a higher level of awareness, many things became quite apparent to me. These realisations caused me to take up various studies from anthropology, physics, quantum physics, cymatics and sacred geometry to metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, mysticism and shamanism. Among these many realizations, three very exceptional points stood out to me;

  • We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational Universe 
  • Everything is connected
  • We create our reality

Since my awakening, I have fully stepped into my calling and have started hosting Masterclasses, developing online courses, and assisting people through their own transformational and healing/ ascension process.