Arataki (Tex) | Maori Energy Healer

I was raised a European until I was 18 at which stage I found out I was Maori.

At a young age I didn’t understand what the feelings I had meant, but I knew I had something there and knew I was different from other people.

I have been working with energy for 30 years. I knew I had spiritual gifts from an early age because I was able to connect with my grandfather who lived over 100 miles away through my mind using a form of telepathy. 

When I was in Whakatane 20 years ago I did a year long course on Te Reo. Part of the course was understanding the Treaty of Waitangi. 

I was told by the students that I was different from the others attending because I was so spiritually inclined and I was very easily able to see and fix their physical problems. 

It was here that I picked my Maori name Arataki, which means forward scout or a trail blazer. 

My tribal affiliations are, Ngati Awa. NgaPuhi, Ngati Porou.

I was picked to go into the Maori healing classes by the healing organisers. Shortly after these classes commenced, I received gifts of sight and knowing.  I started teaching after leaving the centre. I taught attendees how to open up, and access their gifts and I was performing a lot of healings on the locals. 

I use pure energy, hands on, or off, and use the power of my mind to clear energy, and do whatever is necessary for my clients to heal wherever they are in the world. I use my mind to test medicines and foods for my clients before they ingest it.

I have the ability to talk with people who are held in a coma. I run workshops to support people in accessing their spiritual gifts and how to use them.