Pendulum 2

Energy lovers, are you ready to tap into more of your own energy? If you have completed Level 1, or, you have pendulum skills this is the workshop for you! Come and increase your skills with Chakra Balancing, Auric Field Cleansing and more!

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Anita Jackson of Holistic Health and Wellbeing will be your guide and teacher. 

Let’s start by sharing your personal experiences of how you use your Pendulum and what you learned after the level 1 workshop.

Level 2 Content:

• Find your 7 electromagnetic energy centres on your body – your chakras! 

• Learn how to see if you are in balance, or out of balance

• Learn how to ground yourself and balance your chakras

• Understand the benefits of balancing your children at bedtime

• Learn how to cut your chords of attachment

• Clear and balance your auric field with Aura Magnetic Healing techniques

• Also discover how to use your body as a pendulum. 

This is the beginning of understanding self-healing and how this will lead to you helping to heal others. 

The Pendulum is an amazing tool to teach you how to tune into your own clairvoyant abilities with greater skill and awareness this will lead you to limitless possibilities. As we watch you grow in confidence through to level 3 some people start to use their own intuition more than the pendulum. This is the aim!

Bring your own pendulum or buy one on the day. Bring your water bottle to stay hydrated.

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