Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Channeling Waikuku NZ

Raise your vibration with this fusion of powerful earth energy, sacred cacao, meditation and channeling. Feel your heart open and create a heightened connection to your higher consciousness.

  • 18 July
    3 hours, 06:30 PM - 09:30 PM
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You’ll love this heart opening power filled event.
Nature amplifies energy and this event brings an old oak wood forest and spring fed creek energy together with sacred plant medicine.
Join Robert & Anita at Waiora Lane and enjoy sacred cacao together with channeled meditations.
Robert and Anita will clear your aura smudging you with Palo Santo, and activate your chakras bringing you fully into your present moment awareness.  After your clearing and activation begin the evening with a walk through the forest absorbing the energy of nature around you.
The event coincides with the new Cancer moon. 2020 is a year of powerful astrological forces during this significant time of the great awakening. A time for re-birth as the Winter Solstice is also well underway.
This event is for anyone who is spiritually minded who would like to:
• Experience sacred cacao - a heart opening plant medicine
• To balance & centre yourself entering your flow state
• Understand true grounding via connection to nature
• Uncover and release what no longer serves you
• Create new intentions
• Awaken, invigorate and connect to source energy
• Align with your soul path
A BONUS of all of Robert & Anita's events is a remote energy clearing before you arrive. Your energy field will be cleared of negative energy, your chakras cleared and balanced so you will arrive feeling at ease and open ready to receive.
This 100% Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao gives a natural high, invigorates and nourishes, whilst flushing out old toxins! This event is a wonderful chance to cleanse yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.
Beautiful tribal shamanic music at 432 hz frequency (the exact frequency of the heart), will be playing, bringing you into a tranquil heart centred space where you can explore through your body & consciousness.
Robert Acutt, will channel messages from tribal ancestors, nature spirits and celestial beings empowering everyone present into a state of heart centeredness whilst anchoring more light and higher vibration.
WHEN: Saturday 18th of July
TIME: 6.30 - 9.30 pm
ADDRESS: 26 Waiora Lane, Waikuku (Off Gressons Rd. Come up Rangiora/Woodend Road. Its actually not near Waikuku.)
PARK: On Gressons Road. Walk down Waiora Lane. Our house is 150 metires on the right down the laneway. Bring a torch.
FAST: No food 4 hours before event. Fluids okay, Caffeine free tea, filtered or alkaline water, or coconut water. NO coffee, soft drinks or sugar.
BRING: A yoga matt and a warm rug. An eye mask .Food in your car for after the event is over, or continue to fast.
TICKET: $49 Click the ticket link
(This is an intimate event of 20 people.)
“We can’t wait to share this event with you. We know the effect working with sacred Cacao has on bringing you in your heart. You will love the feeling!”
Hundreds of people have benefited from the combined wisdom of this dynamic couple. Helping support people in Australia and New Zealand to go from feeling lost, being tired, drained and on an unhealthy path to; happy, healthy, whole life living.
Gifted Clairvoyant Medium Robert Acutt has the ability to see spirit, sense, hear, feel, channel.
Robert has one foot in our world and the other in the world of spirit at any given time. His talents don’t stop there; his real passion is holistic health as a medical medium he is able to detect disease in the human body, food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, bacterial and viral invaders, heavy metals and much much more.
Robert specialises In helping people with diagnosed diseases and mystery illnesses to investigate the underlying cause of their ill health or energy loss using cutting edge Electro Acupuncture (EAV) technology.
Then through Roberts ability to tune into the body he can quickly guide a person on a holistic path of recovery. (For example someone may know they have food allergies and consider the FODMap 6 months food regime. Robert can help you understand what to eat and what to avoid in a 90 minute kinesiology appointment.)
Anita Jackson joins Robert on these healing retreats bringing her skills of re-setting a persons energy system and mindset.
Anita can read the emotions someone is blocked with and help them release this stagnant energy from their chakras to step into their flow state.
This is reinforced by Anita’s breakthrough life coaching methods to re-boot your energy system, re-wire your mind and help you keep your newly released energy.
Hundreds of clients that have worked with Anita leave their very first session feeling liberated of their emotional weight and feeling light, happy and free. A profound shift in their state of being is felt immediately.
Anita brings her knowledge and passion of the Chakra System known by the Chinese and eastern medicine for over 3000 years to you in a modern, easy to understand fashion. Anita considers herself a teacher, to show you how to step out of your old mindset and emotional patterns into your flow state, and stay there!
Divinely connected to divinely heal, this husband and wife team bring a wealth of knowledge to this retreat.
Anita is Australian, born in Tasmania, Robert is English. This dynamic duo now live in Christchurch, New Zealand raising their 3 children. They bring their fresh, interactive, and life changing workshops to clients who wish to grow and evolve, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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