How to Protect & Clear Your Energy (Live On-Line Workshop)

Empower yourself with knowledge and tools that you will use every day to clear negative energy from yourself, your workplace and your home. What you will learn will help you to create a consistent mood, positive mind set and a steady flow of energy. This workshop is essential for anyone who interacts a lot with the general pubic, such as professionals, teachers, healers, counselors, caregivers, nurses, hairdressers and parents etc who don't wish to pick up and take home others negativity!

  • 6 July
    2 hours, 08:00 PM NZST - 10:00 PM NZST
    • $39.00 incl. GST
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We often hear people saying, “I’m feeling low”, “I feel some kind of negativity”, this place is negative”.  Understanding how to clear and protect yourself from negative energy is an essential skill for a happy, healthy life.  

There is no escaping negative energy.  Even if you have mastered negative emotions and have a positive mindset, you can still pick up negative energy and attachments from those around you.  This can come into your energy field from other people, places, phones, texts, emails.  ANY interaction with anyone can make you susceptible to negative energy. 

Negative energy is draining.  It can make you feel heavy, dark, and gloomy; feel emotionally reactive and defensive; and view the world through a mixed filter of fear, anger, and even paranoia. Since your mind and body are so deeply intertwined, mental and emotional negativity also has an impact on your physical energy and health.



How to protect your energy entering public places

Effective ways to clear your home and workspace

Simple quick methods for cleansing your aura and body

Meditations to clear yourself and others

Grounding and Energy Chord Cutting

Understand how to seal up your Aura

Learn about energy entanglement

Understand how to be super mindful to avoid attachment

Recognize psychic attack, hooks, tentacles and curses

Clear entities - they are energy parasites

Discover products and energy crystals that help


“As a Life Coach I can see 25 clients a week and if I wasn’t aware I could end up energetically attached to 250 or more people because of the client’s connections to other people.  This energy entanglement could be debilitating! 

At one point I remember thinking this job is giving me chronic fatigue, it’s too heavy, I don’t think I can handle it. I had to get really good at knowing how to clear myself of energy after every client, every day!  The difference has been life changing.”  Anita Jackson



Going from feeling fabulous to flat and tired

A mood shift from high to low & nothing triggered you

Feeling your energy going down on a phone call

You are a sensitive/empath and feel like being a hermit

Children coming home bad tempered from school or visits

Your job is sucking the life out of you

Weird thoughts you know are not yours

You feel cursed by other people

Out of character behaviour

Drugs and alcohol expose you to negative energy

Unexplained repeated negative events 

The voice in your head is telling you to harm to yourself

Slow recovery from trauma leaving you feeling vulnerable

Inability to focus on any task at all

Going in circles with your career path

Prolonged phases of depressions and loneliness

Activity in your house that’s unexplained

Lack of energy, low self-image, low BP or low moral

No drive for personal growth

Secluded & withdrawn from society, family & loved ones


This is a wonderful follow on workshop if you have completed the Pendulum and/or Psychic Development workshops. It is also excellent for anyone in the healing arts.  It is also a great introductory workshop for anyone experiencing the above signs.

Join this workshop if you want consistent positive moods and a steady flow of energy!

 PS:  This is not scary and you will not connect to the energy.  We shall be teaching you how to clear it with ease. 



           6 - 8 PM AUSTRALIA


You will receive an email before the event with the Zoom Link and a handout.  Please load the free Zoom Software on your computer prior to the workshop.  Visit: - 



Robert and Anita are experts at removing negative energy and attachments. They see the impact on people and places and are amazed at how fast removing and clearing negative energy can help someone feel better.  It’s immediate.

The average person can carry around 3-10 attachments. For someone who is in bad shape mentally and emotionally they can go as high as 30!

Robert is an energy medicine practitioner and also has the clairvoyant powers of seeing, feeling, hearing and channeling. He can see these invisible forces at work and is a wealth of information and knowledge. 

Anita joins Robert bringing her expertise as a holistic life coach in understanding the Chakras and how negative energy can distort emotions and contract the chakra system.



“We can’t wait to share this event with you. What you will learn on this course is so powerful! We use these tools every day to prevent burnout and keep us clear and protected from other peoples negative energy.



United Eternal Twin Flames, Anita and her husband Robert Acutt are both gifted clairvoyants.

Anita specializes in the human chakra system and auric field. Her gift is to be able to read emotions people are stuck on and their emotional patterns. Anita's results are astoundingly fast with people who have suffered mentally and emotionally for years. She works with men, women and children.

Robert work with elecro acupuncture to investigate and detoxify illnesses, diseases and diagnosis naturally with homeopathy. Robert  is a medical medium and clear channel bringing through guidance on physical ailments. Robert is an embodies master and works with all levels of the celestial Realms, ultra terrestrials, and family constellation. 

Thousands of people have benefited from the combined wisdom of this dynamic couple. Helping support people in Australia, New Zealand, UK, America, Europe and Asia to go from feeling lost, tired and drained to experiencing happy, healthy, whole life living.

The fun, informative and interactive workshops Rob & Anita have created set people on a new path bringing change, excitement and healing.

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