Psychic Development 3 | Light Body Activation


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To attend this course, you must have completed Intuition Development Levels 1 – 4. (Previously called Pendulum Workshops). Or, you are currently working as a healer/light worker or you have undertaken some level of prior courses. This is an advanced course.
This series of workshops is guided by gifted clairvoyant Robert Acutt, energy healer and energy medicine practitioner. Robert’s studies have included 10 yrs of Alchemy Studies in USA, Touch for health, Kinesiology, Reiki, Auric magnetic healing, Family Constellations and Bio-Energetic Medicine where he is currently studying to become a Dr in Energy Medicine.
Robert has the following extra sensory perceptions: -
See Spirit with his eyes
Hears and channels
Scans a person’s body for disruptions/disease
Senses and corrects energy imbalances
Imprints the vibration of vitamins or minerals into people’s physical body
Communicates with all levels of higher consciousness (Guides, Ascended Masters, Lords of Light, Ultra Terrestrials.)
Tunes into a person’s Higher Self to clear unconscious blocks
Dis-entangles family curses, negative connections
Clears negative entities, demons, curses
Clears homes, land of portals and negative energy
Works with all the Angelic Realm to support the awakening of humanity
Harmonize and increase the vibration of the planet
Accesses the potential of near death experiences without going through traumatic experiences
Robert is a modern day ghost buster!
Robert’s grounded approach is to instil into workshop participants how to remove fear and create confidence in working with all kinds of spirit. The foundation of protection, boundaries and rules are all part of his teachings.
ll workshops are 2 hours, this series will also introduce special guest teachers to host extra workshops that offer unique gifts to assist you on your journey.
· Light body construction
· Changing the carbon element of your DNA structure to crystalline
· Anchor harmonics into your sacred heart
· Review of your clairvoyant gifts
· Review of your consciousness levels/vibration