Detox for Health Level 4 | Digestions & Energy Levels

Detox 4 Health. A no nonsense, BS free guide to detoxing.

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Detox 4 Health
A no nonsense, BS free guide to detoxing.
This series of workshops is guided by Medical Medium Robert Acutt, energy healer and energy medicine practitioner. Robert’s studies have included 10 yrs of Alchemy Studies in the USA, Touch for health, Reiki, Auric magnetic healing, Kinesiology and muscle testing.
Robert believes emotional balance, nutrition and energy medicine is a key and central part of his approach to whole-being health. Without the right vitamins and minerals "fuel" for the body, the removal of environmental toxins and the removal of energy blocks the body, mind, heart and spirit cannot function optimally and in a dis-ease free state.
Level 4 - Your Progress - Energy Levels, Digestive Health and Your Vibration
Your body’s vibration
Discussing changes & challenges
Organ health & balance
What are the energy meridians and how they do they link to organs
EAV demonstration and meridian health
Where to from here?
How to create a lifestyle change permanent
This workshop series is designed to create change and help you manage how to change your lifestyle for optimum health. Robert will review tools and techniques to cement the changes you have implemented.