Detox for Health Level 3 | Vitamins, Minerals & Hormones

Detox 4 Health. A no nonsense, BS free guide to detoxing.

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Detox 4 Health
A no nonsense, BS free guide to detoxing.
This series of workshops is guided by Medical Medium Robert Acutt, energy healer and energy medicine practitioner. Robert’s studies have included 10 yrs of Alchemy Studies in the USA, Touch for health, Reiki, Auric magnetic healing, Kinesiology and muscle testing.
Robert believes emotional balance, nutrition and energy medicine is a key and central part of his approach to whole-being health. Without the right vitamins and minerals "fuel" for the body, the removal of environmental toxins and the removal of energy blocks the body, mind, heart and spirit cannot function optimally and in a dis-ease free state.

Level 3 - Vitamins and Minerals and Hormone Levels

This level 3 workshop will involve identifying what your body requires to bring it back into its natural homeostasis state of balance.  Robert will review each person's L1 and L2 readings using Kinesiology. Level 3 is all about investigating your vitamin and mineral levels.

  • Investigate Vitamin Levels

  • Investigate Mineral Levels

  • Investigate Hormonal Levels (Progesterone, Oestrogen)

  • Progesterone levels for sleep and anti-anxiety 

  • Relationships of hormones with your adrenal glands 

  • Chromium deficiency if you have sugar cravings

  • Selenium levels for anti-cancer

Now we will begin to see the full picture at level 3 of what it takes to have happy, whole life living.