Pendulum 5

Meet and Communicate with Your Guardians and Guides

  • 26 September
    2 hours, 15 minutes, 06:45 PM - 09:00 PM
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Following on from our four previous workshops to develop your intuition and support your spirituality journey,  Meet and Communicate with Your Guardians and Guides.

Connect with and learn all about your guides; Angels, Archangels, gatekeepers, animal guides, ancestors and more.

A fun interactive workshop furthering your skills with the pendulum and connecting and reconnecting you with your guides.

Hosted by Elizabeth Carter & Robert Acutt.  The evening also features special guest Duane Palmer.

What we will explore together:

  • What are guides and what different types are there?
  • What angels are there?
  • Who are the archangels? When and why to call upon them.
  • Our personal experiences with our guides.
  • World experiences with guides and angels, some fascinating and important stories that validate people's experiences.
  • How many guides can we have?
  • Where are they?
  • How do we communicate?

You will receive;

  • Workshop notes,
  • Water and herbal teas, bliss balls.

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