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Many people feel unhappy because they don’t ever believe they are good enough no matter what they do or achieve. Happiness is all to do with liking ourselves and feeling good about ourselves.
You can be happy, confident, and self assured. You can be free from anxiety and depression and you can truly like yourself. One thing stands in your way: -
The luggage of life, full of stuff that hurts you, pains you and weighs you down. A suitcase full of I am not enough. The longer you drag this suitcase along the more it forms negative beliefs about you and then it creates your reality.
So why not get rid of the suitcase?
What do you believe is not available to you? Love, relationships, wealth, success, health, happiness?
I am a Rapid Transformation Coach and I would love to have the opportunity to prove to you that all of these things are fully available to you!
Are you ready to begin your journey to feeling enough, believe you are loveable and worthy of happiness?
I use my wonderful gift that transforms people's lives really fast. I am going to help you release all that stuff that weighs you down and holds you back so you can begin your journey of feeling happy and loveable.
Client Review from Margot Korhonen, 9/6/19: -
“Anita, you have helped me find my happiness! I feel comfortable in my own skin and now and everyday just feels easier. I highly recommend you to anyone. You’ve helped me change my life! Thank you.”


This workshop is designed for 15 people who feel:- 

  • A lack of confidence
  • Anxiety, stress or overwhelm
  • Constant feeling of tiredness/flatness
  • Low mood or depression
  • Long term problems/can’t let go of the past
  • Over sensitive and empathic
  • Don’t feel like your true self
  • Negative repeating patterns- pleaser/perfectionist/rejection
  • Traditional therapy has not worked


    In this 2 hour workshop you will:- 

  • Understand why grounding properly will change your life
  • How come your ego wont let go of the past
  • Lean about chakras and how you feel emotions
  • Why negative emotions zap your energy
  • Why you cannot be stressed and happy at the same time
  • Discover how negative emotions block you
  • Learn emotional release techniques you can repeat
  • Leave feeling light, liberated and happy!

Please note it is not necessary to share your story. Handouts are provided. 

I absolutely cannot wait to work with you and share my insights into the powerful mind-body-emotion connection.  The power of this information will change your life!

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Client Nicola Lock describes finding her happy in this testimonial 4/4/19: -
"Anita has completely changed my thoughts and has given me the tools to finally understand myself, which I thought was impossible. I am feeling so much relief, all I can say is this lady has a gift and if you want to change your life and feel so much happier understanding your emotions, Anita will get you to the place you would never feel possible. I can't thank Anita enough for what she has done and all I can do is recommend her to everyone."
Client Jacqui Rostron describes the release of negative emotions, 03/06/19: -
“Wow! Before our 2 sessions I felt blocked, heavy and no real direction. I felt angry and guilty but not understanding why? I pick up on others emotions but couldn’t understand my own! My first session showed where these feelings lay and how to cope and deal with the emotions I picked up from others and realise they are not my own! My chakras needed a good clean out and realignment and now the energy I feel is nothing but lighter and positive. I have the energy to get on with life and protect myself from others energies so my life has changed so much for the better. Anita has certainly healed me in a big way! Thank you Anita. Clarity is everything!”
FIND YOUR HAPPY LEVEL 2 Forgiveness & Resilience
FIND YOUR HAPPY LEVEL 3 Confidence & Worthiness