Intuition 2 | Crystals for Healing & Protection

Go from the basics of being able to comfortably and confidently discuss crystals, to performing healing of yourself and others.

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Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years. They pop up more than you think! Many are used in our day to day lives without even knowing e.g the rock salt we use to flavour our food, to the clear quartz found in our TV screens, to paints and even medicines.

All beings respond to colours, light, refraction and rainbows. It is not surprising that those very properties of crystals hold a life force energy, just like us.

Learn not only the geological aspects to crystals, the scientific hypothesis behind crystal vibration & the spiritual connection many find in mother nature's gift, but specific ways that you are able to harness and heal with the support of crystals and their energies.