HHW, An inspiring Holisitic Health and Wellbeing Centre devoted to you experiencing happy, healthy, whole life living.

HHW is a unique destination for the management of your health, regardless of your age, where clinical and lifestyle medicine together with complementary therapies unite to focus on you, your health and your lifestyle goals.

HHW is a new way of thinking about health, we define true health to be the convergence of medical, motivational, behavioral and environmental principals so as to meet the needs of the whole you - body, mind, heart and spirit.

Caring for the whole person

We identify with the infinite spark of creation found in each and everyone of us, by genuinely caring for the health, aspirations and happiness of every client we work with. We welcome you learning, connecting and evolving with us in our nurturing connective community.

Our Philosophy

Enjoying Life's Journey

At HHW, we believe that true health means living a full and abundant life and free - as much as possible - from the burden of dis-ease and emotional turmoil... it is about living more. We believe that understanding about and caring for our own health can be a rich and rewarding experience, providing the energy, vitality and positive sense of self-worth needed to enjoy happy, healthy living.

At HHW, our focus is on the prevention, management and control of diseases, health promoting initiatives, emotional freedom, and teaching lifestyle knowledge, leading to you enjoying life to the full through meaningful, loving, purposeful living. 

Our unique approach to health and wellbeing

We inspire and empower our clients to enjoy a wholisitic lifestyle that proactively values their whole being - body, mind, heart and spirit. Our approach is unique and grounded in:

Genuine care: flowing from our heartfelt belief in the infinite value of each person, our team are passionate about helping support you to experience happy, healthy, whole life living.

Whole person health: we embrace the health and wellbeing of the "whole person" -i.e your physical health, thoughts, emotions, motivations, relationships, connection with your community and environment, your spirituality and a sense of meaning, your purpose and aspirations in life.

Integrated health care: we bring together conventional medicinal practices and complementary therapies and ensure that our practitioners take an inter-professional approach that enables the best outcomes from client-centred, integrated health care.

Continuity of care: we support our clients at all stages of their health journey - from the diagnosis of a dis-ease, an initial bio energetic scan using Electro acupuncture (EAV), or the treatment, management and prevention of illnesses and dis-eases through to the enhancement of wellbeing, helping you to live more.

Genuine effectiveness: we are committed to delivering health and wellbeing modalities through our portfolio of outcome focused services which have been demonstrated to making a real and positive difference to our clients health, wellbeing and life.