Helping support you to experience happy, healthy, whole life living.

HHW embrace the health and wellbeing of the "whole person" Your physical health, thoughts, emotions, motivations, relationships, connection with your community and environment, your spirituality and a sense of meaning, your purpose and aspirations in life. 


HHW offers a wide range of health services, delivered by qualified experienced practitioners with a passion for helping you enjoy happy, healthy whole life living. Our practitioners share a philosophy of providing health services that care for the whole of you. They are passionate and committed about supporting you to prevent, manage and control dis-ease as well as making a positive difference in your life and helping you to live more.

Upcoming Events

  • Aug 27

    Sacred Cacao Journey 34 Brisbane St, Christchurch

  • Aug 27

    Find Your Happy Level 2 | Let Go of Your Story 34 Brisbane St, Christchurch

  • Aug 28

    Confident & Happy Being You | Find Your Happy 3 34 Brisbane St, Christchurch

  • Aug 29

    Pendulum 3 386 High St, Rangiora

  • Aug 29

    Crystals 34 Brisbane St, Christchurch

  • Sep 02

    Find Your Happy Level 2 | Let Go of Your Story 386 High St, Rangiora

  • Sep 03

    Confident & Happy Being You | Find Your Happy 3 386 High St, Rangiora

  • Sep 05

    Card Reading Level 1 386 High St, Rangiora

  • Sep 10

    Go Free & Be Happy | Find Your Happy 4 34 Brisbane St, Christchurch

  • Sep 12

    Spirituality Masterclass ** Free Event ** 386 High St, Rangiora


HHW connect you with a wide range of holistic health therapies provided by practitioners aligned to the core principals that guide our work.

Clients say...

Victoria Hoete-Dodd
Nicola Francine
Paul Dawson Christchurch
Andre Vivian
Joanne Robinson

The help, support and guidance I've received from Anita, Elizabeth and Carol has been wonderful. Thank you to you all.

what a beautiful environment welcoming full of knowledge such beautiful items 😍 could easily spend hrs here

What an awesome bunch of people doing awesome work. Thank you.

I am on my journey of self discovery and grateful for the opportunity to cross Anita's path that has guided me towards my purpose, to bring me back in the now and observe and heal. Last night was the first time having the privilege to go to a pendulum workshop with Anita and Elizabeth who are angels, and following their joy and purpose, passing their skills and energy on to others. My intuition felt positive and their actions are in sync with this, I see myself heading to healing others and again I am grateful for the guidance from holistic health & welbeing.

I have to say Anita, Elizabeth, Gina and Rob are worthy of a 5 star. I have just started on the Law of Attraction workshops. Workshop 1 with Anita left you feeling lighter, with a worthy feeling about yourself and you could see that with others in the room also after some break throughs. A safe environment for anyone interested. Workshop 2 with Gina, she has a bundle of abundant energy, creative and loves life. After the workshop, I had and still am feeling those ah ha moments, with work in progress, I have had the following days with some awesome results. And with that have implemented this since. Sign up, you won't regret it, just remember you too have to do the work to make it work.